Adrien van DELFT

UI/UX Designer +33 6 29 81 97 89
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“The Salomon Digital Magazine is an interactive book available on iPad. In this project we have thought all page with it specifies and content. It was like an invitation to travel across the powder. In this project I have made the conception, zoning (ergonomic), interface design and project management. It was developed by Jérémie Helme”
"Wik'insitu bring Wikipedia in real life. Based on the incredible source of knowledge Wikipedia and performance of the smartphone (GPS + 3D gyroscope) we have imagine a way to bring Wikipedia with you everywhere. Offline functionality is available, you can download thousands of items for your future travels (no data connection needed). "

A concept "original" imagined by Jeremy Helme and Adrien van DELFT.

in developppement
"Friend (s) app is a planning tools for friends ! Friend(s) just replace the long lists of mail needed to organize an event with friends. Secret birthday , hiking, trip in Italy, Friend (s) app will be your best friend!

Fully connected to Facebook, you can easily find your friends.

Key Features:
- Create event
- Inviting friends
- Money Organizer
- Car Organizer
- Task Organizer
- Checking List Creator
- Messaging

Concept : Adrien van DELFT.
Developed and deepens with Jeremy Helme

- Still in development
"When PMU came to see us to create landing pages, we immediately thought in terms of multi-devices, we integrated in html (so we where able to create lightweight and multiplateform pages).
My mission has been on the design and integration.
Agency : Eficens"
"The fondation Salomon App is an interactive guide to this museum. The application will guide you in your visit accross the park and the exposition. It will also keep you informed of the foundation'snews. This application will be free. - in developpement -"
We worked on a campaign for Toshiba on Facebook. With the experience we had with the game
Gîtes de France, we have made a simple questionnnaire, based of the instant win principle.

On this mission I work on the conception, design and integration.

Agency Eficiens
I had the opportunity to work on several microsoft's projects . That project allowed me to learn language as asp or silverlight programming language.

Agency Eficiens
In 2010, bet is open to competition, thereby the PMU also access to new bet : sports. We have support them creating banners and landing pages.

Agency Eficiens
Graphic Design for a landing page for CSP Training.

The page is fully compatible with all browsers while keeping the transparency to give a total experience. Agency Eficiens

Consolidation of group identity Magelis Consultants.

This work for a institutional client allowed me to experiment new ergonomic idea based on a hierarchy of information.

This project was a full experience for me: Design, Usability, Graphic Design, Integration, Development and Project Management.